Saturday, September 23, 2006

Viidoo Internet TV Pleases Me

I try to time my trips abroad as much as possible so as not to miss any USC football homegames, but it still sucks that the away games aren't televised overseas. I've had to make do with sketchy internet reports from Until now.

I just discovered internet television. It has most of the major US networks, as well as HBO, CNN, and ESPN. It appears to be a P2P stream-sharing kind of thing, but it works pretty well, considering it's likely "unofficial" nature. It freezes every 20 seconds or so, for just a second or two, but the picture quality is adequate in full screen mode, and it's a far cry better than hitting F5 over and over at

Viidoo makes me a happy camper. Gotta go... I'm about to watch my Trojans throw down with the Wildcats on ABC.