Saturday, February 10, 2007

How to hide stuff from burglars

Good post from Personal Finance Advice on how to hide stuff from burglars. They interviewed a burglar who pointed out that if you hide stuff too well, the burglar will tear your place apart looking for your valuables, causing damage that could be even costlier than the theft itself. Since they want to get out as quickly as possible with your valuables, it suggests helping them do that. By hiding a "stash" where it will be found quickly, you may convince the burglar that they've completed their search, and their desire to get out quickly may become the next highest priority. Interesting take.

Free Language Lessons!

The Foreign Service Institute collects language courses developed by the U.S. Government. Since you own part of the U.S. Government, you therefore own an equal share in anything they develop. You've already paid for these, so there's no need to pay again. Their options include Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Great stuff.