Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trojans, Bears, and Trick Plays

I just got back from the USC vs. Washington football game, which was much more of a nailbiter than I would have liked. I may be hoarse tomorrow from yelling through almost the entire fourth quarter. In the first quarter there was a neat fake field goal... Steve Smith sat on the sidelines just inches inbound like he was supposed to be off the field, and when they snapped the ball he was uncovered and untouched as third string quarterback Michael McDonald tossed him the ball near the endzone.

I got to watch the Bears take on Oregon after I got home, and the Ducks ran the exact.... same... play. Seems like they watched the game and figured they'd better use the play while the Bears maybe still hadn't seen the replay from the SC game. Worked ok, but they didn't make it into the endzone for some reason.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful for the win, Auburn lost to Arkansas (who was crushed by SC), and Tennesee are showing themselves to be one of the best teams in the country after beating Cal in the first game of the year. A good day to be an SC/Cal fan.