Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fantasy Football And The Trojans

I hadn't played Fantasy Football for years, but as a Season Ticket holder for the USC Trojans
I've had the great pleasure of watching a number of players graduate into the NFL. These include, of course, Reggie with the Saints, Matt with the Arizona Cardinals, as well as Lendale White with the Titans, Big Mike Williams with the Lions (not the greatest success story, but keep the faith), and Troy Palomalu with the Steelers.

So finally, I'm back into it. I decided to field an All-Trojan team, and I expect that within two years they are going to be an unstoppable juggernaut of whip-ass. Any challengers?


Anonymous said...

mike williams, ha ha ha, his ass is thisclose to being cut

Jemifus said...

True that, and I don't get it. He never used to drop passes, and all of a sudden he's blowing every opportunity. I expect that if he gets cut, he'll eventually be able to make a career with another team.

The NCAA really screwed him over.

V Train said...

Huh? Apparently I've been missing out not reading your're participating in Fantasy Football? I expect that you will look at me right now, spread your arms out like you're praying in church and exclaim "I juss keeeding!"