Saturday, October 07, 2006

Living in the UK

V Train and I recently visited London. V Train actually had a job offer their, so we thought we'd combine a scouting expedition to see if we'd like to live there with our annual vacation. In addition to meeting the folks who offered her the job, we hit Wimbledon on the day of the mens' finals (relax, it was just Henman Hill), tried Pimms cups, caught the Italian celebration of the world cup victory, took the Chunnel into Paris, and found a crappy Polish/Mexican restaurant selling a $20 burrito. (ouch)

The verdict? Well, we'll definitely will be moving over there sometime in the next two or three years... but not for this job. I have a couple other London opportunities coming up in the next few years, and she's going to wait for the right opportunity for her. We're going to need a long runway to pull it off, because the logistics look to be pretty sticky. For instance, did you know that you need a bank account to get an apartment, but you need an apartment to get a bank account in the UK? Those kind of things will drive you batty if you don't do your homework (and even if you do).

For now, it appears that V Train and I will be revisiting this idea often. Look us up in Kensington 5 years on! Pip pip, cheerio, and all that rubbish.