Friday, November 09, 2007

Financial Koans, Anglo Style

So I haven't posted anything in 5 months. I've been busy. What? It's not like you've been checking back daily.

Anyway, The V-Train and I are contemplating a couple-year stint in London, home of the $20 Burrito (I'm sure it's delicious). So here are a couple of financial questions I've been noodling over. I'll give my thoughts on them later - but first I thought I'd throw them out there for my vast reader base to do their own unbiased noodling.

Question the first - Would it make more sense for us each to take a job that gets paid in pounds, or one of us to get paid in pounds and one in dollars (assuming the total comp will be the same either way at today's exchange rate, and that each of us gets paid roughly the same amount)? What should be the considerations?

Question the second - With the housing market down significantly since last year, would it make more sense to sell our condo in a down market, or rent it out and wait for prices to come back up? Does it matter how much equity we have? What if we were upside down? We live the greater metro Los Angeles area. Assume there's no expat package that helps us with either option.

I await what's certain to be a flood of responses.

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1 Comment:

Dave Pease said...

1. I bet English burritos are as awful as they sound.

2. Get pounds. Its exotic.

I dunno, if you need dollars for your day-to-day, I guess you should get some rather than dealing with exchanging? How much of a hit do you take for that?

3. I've been asking the same question about my other house. I've got some thoughts, but I'll write something later because I'd prefer to leave work now.